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Where dreams take flight!


Whether a winter fairy, garden fairy, mystical fairy or Tinkerbell we throw an amazing fairy party!

Party Decorations -

Garden Fairy -

  • Flower chandeliers

  • Faux grass and nature centerpieces

  • Flowers and garden embellishments

  • Fairies hidden throughout

Winter Fairy -

  • Snowflakes and snowballs

  • Blue and silver balloons

  • Fairies hidden throughout

Party Craft - Fairy Terrarium

  • Decorate a mini terrarium with rocks, moss and flowers and a small fairy statute

Add-On - Fairy Wings

Add on an extra party favor of fairy wings for guests to take home.

Even though we have package themes, we vary our design and backdrops slightly to make it unique. The featured craft or activity can vary, the description is used to provide ideas.

Where dreams take flight!


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