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Swifties unite!


The music category incorporates decades, artists, pop music or retro music!

Our most popular theme right now is Taylor Swift. But that doesn't mean we don't celebrate other genres!

Party Decorations -

Our Taylor Swift themed decorations include:

  • Colors of your choice (neon colors, red, pinks and purples or a mix of all the eras!)

  • Table centerpieces that represent the Eras albums.

  • Friendship bracelet birthday banner

80s decorations include:

  • Neon and bright balloons

  • Retro centerpieces including rubik's cubes and neon lights

Retro Rock and Roll

  • Music note balloons and guitars

  • Vintage Records

Strawberry Shortcake and the Berry Beats

  • Lighted LED stage backdrop

  • Inflatable guitar and microphones

Party Craft - Taylor Swift Craft

Wood wall or Wall Sign - Party guests decorate wood sign for their door or wall. They decorate with paint pens, stickers, gems and a mini-eras poster.


We'll put on the LED Lights, turn up the music and take turns on the microphone for some Karaoke sessions!

Even though we have package themes, we vary our design and backdrops slightly to make it unique! The featured craft or activity can vary, the description is used to provide ideas.

Swifties unite!


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