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Seasons and Un-Birthday

Seasonal themes or un-birthday parties!

Seasons or Un-birthday

If your birthday falls near a holiday, why not make it your theme!

This category includes kids parties not tied to a birthday. Maybe they want to celebrate a holiday or get friends together!

Featured Examples -

Holiday Cookie Exchange Party-

Bring guests together at the holidays with a cookie exchange party. Guests can play games or do a white elephant or secret Santa gift exchange.

Halloween Party -

Guests wear their favorite costumes and play games such as bob for apples! They can decorate pumpkins or make other seasonal crafts.

Summer Birthday Party

Ice Cream trucks, sunglasses and other summer decorations. Guests make ice cream foam stickers and pinwheels.

Even though we have package themes, we vary our design and backdrops slightly to make it unique! The featured craft or activity can vary, the description is used to provide ideas.

Seasonal themes or un-birthday parties!


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