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Unleash your inner hero!

Super Hero

Whether it's Spider-Man, the Avengers, Batman, or the entire DC or Marvel universe, we're here to throw a superhero-themed bash that's truly super!

Party Decorations -

Super Hero Birthday Decorations:

  • Black, Yellow, Red and Blue balloons

  • A foil super hero balloon of your choice

  • Comic book sayings such as "Pow", "Boom" and "Zap" in the centerpieces and balloons.

  • Action figures throughout the centerpieces and food area.

Party Craft - Super Hero Masks

  • Decorate a foam super hero mask and identify your super power!

Party Craft - Sensory Kit

  • Sand Dig - Take part in a sand dig and find a super hero trinket to take home

Super Hero Activities

We can set up games such as:

  • Web Toss

  • Thor Lightning Throw

  • Agents of SHIELD scavenger hunt

Even though we have package themes, we vary our design and backdrops slightly to make it unique. The featured craft or activity can vary, the description is used to provide ideas.

Unleash your inner hero!


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