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Sleepover Tent Party

Epic Sleepover Party without the hassle!

Sleepover Tent Party

Sleepover Tent Party

*Prices are effective July 2024

This sleepover tent party includes:

  • Complete delivery, set-up and style.

  • Overnight rental with next day take-down and pick-up.

  • Laundry and cleaning of items.

  • Self-Inflating Mattress Sleeping Pad with sheet and throw blanket.

  • Decorations to the theme, including banner, light(s), tray, decorative pillow.​

Items not included:

Sleeping pillow (pillows provided are decorative only)

​​Set up required:

Room must be clear of furniture. Area required is roughly 3'x7' per tent. Each tent sleeps one person.​

Standard Tents - 2 tents for $150.00

Additional Tents - $40.00 per tent

Additional Night - $30.00 per tent

New curated theme - additional $35.00 per tent

Set up and delivery within Mequon/Thiensville is included.

Delivery fee may apply for outside a 15 mile radius of 11122 N. Cedarburg Road, Mequon (Headquarters).



We can customize balloons to your preferences. Please contact us for personalized pricing.

Small Latex Balloon Cluster

Large Latex Balloon Cluster

Deluxe Balloon Arch

$25.00 per tent

$35.00 per tent


5-6 small latex balloons to match theme

Large balloon cluster for birthday person or center decorations

4+ feet

Multiple sizes

One Mylar or chrome latex

Personalized Party Favors

These are just a sample group of ideas.

Sleep Masks

Zipper Pouch

Pencil or Make-up Case with Chenille Sticker Patches

LED Headbands





Personalized eye sleep mask with first name

Personalized zipper pouch (cotton or vinyl) with themed design or name.

Rose gold and off white zipper pencil pouch

Up to 4-5 Chenille Stickers

Party Favors -

  • We can curate a themed party favor bag to match the theme.

  • Provide a dollar amount per bag.

    • i.e. $7.00 per child

Example: Space Favor Box, Galaxy Stress Ball, Orbit Gum, Astronaut Ice Cream

See Additional Products for sale such as sand kits, paper flower garlands, crowns and more in our CELEBRATION SHOP!

Rent Board Games for your Sleepover

  • Telestrations

  • Jenga

  • Twister

  • Scavenger Hunt

  • Apples to Apples

  • and more

$25.00, but 50% refund for return of games with all parts.

Craft Kits for your Epic Sleepover

  • Dream Catcher​ - $7/per

  • Boho Wall Hanging - $8/per

  • Bracelet Making - $15/ for 4 bracelets

  • Backpack Charm - $7/ for 4 keychains

  • Bookmarks - $1.00/per

  • and More!

Varies based on craft.

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