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Explore your passion!


This is what inspired it all. My kids interests didn't always line up with the character themes at the major retailer party stores. These are themes that are their interests. Whether it's Art to Slime to Sports!

Party Decorations -

Art Theme Party -

  • Art mediums line the table along a runner.

  • Bright colors and paint cans fill the room.

  • Balloon paint splatches hang from the ceiling.

Party Craft - Art

  • Party guests make paint their own masterpieces on mini art canvases.

Slime Theme Party -

  • Slime splotches fill the room.

  • Bright colors and slime fill the room.

Party Craft - Slime Making

  • Party guests make slime labels and name their slime. Then (gulp) we make our own fluffy slime. The mess may be at my place but they take it home! (evil laugh!)

Even though we have package themes, we vary our design and backdrops slightly to make it unique! The featured craft or activity can vary, the description is used to provide ideas.

Explore your passion!


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