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  • What is a Party Studio?
    It's our own creative term! It's our venue, or suite. Our party room is 717 sq ft, we can arrange our tables in a variety of different set-ups. We have a bathroom, prep kitchen and our parent lounge!
  • How many people does your party room hold?
    We recommend 30 people depending on what your use of the space is for. We have a large projector screen and a 70" touch screen television. If you don't use those items we can fit more tables and chairs in the suite.
  • What happens if we need to cancel?
    Things happen! If you need to cancel due to an illness, we would be happy to work with you to reschedule. ​We require a $50.00 non-refundable party deposit to reserve your date and time. The deposit will be deducted from your overall total. The final balance of your party will be collected on the day of set-up. ​Cancellation Policy – If the party is cancelled at least 30 days ahead of the party date, it can be rescheduled with the deposit transferred to the new date and time.
  • Can you bring in alcohol?
    Yes! It's BYOB for all our events. Here is our policy: Alcohol Provision - If you are of legal drinking age (21), you may bring your own unopened container of wine or beer to our location for personal consumption. You acknowledge that we are not licensed to serve alcohol but rather a workshop facility that allows our participants to responsibly bring an unopened container of wine or beer while they learn. You may responsibly consume such alcohol that you bring. - We do not and will not issue alcohol and are not licensed to issue alcohol on our premises. - We strictly prohibit the serving of alcohol to anyone who is a minor, who is under the influence of alcohol prior to the event, who is disorderly, who is addicted to the excessive use of liquor, who will consume in any vehicle on the premise or who we deemed as being irresponsible or who we feel is acting irresponsibly or in appropriate at our discretion. - You acknowledge that we will not be held liable for any property or personal damage, charges, injuries, or deaths that may occur due to or arising from the consumption of alcohol. - You agree to defend, indemnify and hold Let's Celebrate, LLC, it's owners, employees, and agents harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys fees, arising from or attributed to any consumption of alcohol on the premises.
  • What is Let's Celebrate's policy on limitation and liability?
    Let's Celebrate takes the safety and well-being of our guests seriously. However, we cannot be held liable for any injuries, damages, or losses that occur during the party. By attending the party, you agree to assume all risks associated with participation and release Let's Celebrate from any and all liability. We also reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who poses a risk to themselves or others. Thank you for understanding and celebrating with us responsibly.
  • How do you clean your sleepover tents?
    All our sleepover tents are wiped down and sanitized. The bedding we use is washed. Other items such as decorative pillows and stuffed animals are steamed clean. We do not provide sleeping pillows for our sleepover tent parties for sanitary purposes.
  • How much space is needed for a sleepover tent party?
    The space needed for our tents are 3'x7' per tent. The area in your home needs to be cleared prior to arrival. Our Party Crew is not responsible for moving any items or furniture that belong to our customers.
  • What areas do you travel for at home or on location parties?
    We will travel and bring the sleepover tent party to you within 20 minutes (one-way) of our zip code (53092) for no additional fee. We will travel beyond that however additional delivery fees may incur. Contact us to discuss!
  • Your stuff is so cute! What do we get to keep?
    Everything we bring for the sleepover tent parties are rentable items. We can provide a party favor for guests to keep. Let's talk!
  • What do I need to tell our sleepover guests to bring?
    Just a pillow and their pajamas! The sleepover tent includes: -air mattress -blanket -throw pillows -tray -lights -decorations
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