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Let's Talk: Halloween

We had the best costumes growing up! The creepy masks that you can barely see out of! That's my sister and I as Annie and Strawberry Shortcake!

Did you ever have that one costume that morphed into different costumes?

We had a brown wig. It was used in a nurse costume, and then in a super hero costume another year.

We also had a white "dress" that was used as a princess costume, a nurse dress, and later as an angel! Not sure you can call it a dress as it was just a straight piece of material with arms. 😂

Fast forward to when my kids were little...

My Mom wanted my son to be a Gnome! He wanted to be a superhero! This photo says it all!

I loved throwing my kiddos a Halloween party with friends. The best was when my daughter and her friends were old enough to watch a scary movie. So of course I kept jumping to scare them! Then they went on a Halloween photo scavenger hunt.

What was your favorite Halloween memory?

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1 Comment

Thanks for not selling me out with the superman costume photo.... Lol

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