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Let's Talk: Celebrating your way!

It's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of social media, pondering whether to deck the halls before or after Thanksgiving. Or do you decorate the tree with a new theme or with the precious ornaments you've accumulated over the years? Or do you like cranberry sauce in the can or the fresh with whole berries?

There's no right or wrong way to celebrate; do what brings joy to you and your family. If schedules are hectic and it's easier to set up the tree now versus later, go for it! It might sound simple, but with all the holiday pressures, sometimes, we just need to hear that.

Capturing Timeless Moments: A Personal Insight

On a more sentimental note, I've come to appreciate the value of taking and printing pictures. As the holiday season approaches, there's a special joy in pulling up old family photos and videos. While phone cameras are undeniably convenient, the sad truth is that, all too often, those digital memories get lost on our devices.

Personally, I've always printed my photos. Once an avid scrapbooker in the traditional sense, my approach has evolved. Now, I lean towards simplicity—printing the photos and adding a brief description of the photo or event. But I digress, it's not about selling you on scrapbooking techniques; it's about the act of revisiting these tangible or digital snapshots and the stories they tell. This ritual of storytelling, whether flipping through a physical album or scrolling through digital memories, becomes a celebration in itself.

Losing my mom at 37 made me realize the importance of being in those photos, not just taking them. So, get in front of that camera! Make those memories!

With that semi-serious post, let's infuse some holiday humor with a couple of anecdotes.

The Shedding Tree Saga

It's the year 2000, and we made it through Y2K. Recently engaged, my now husband and I went to get a live tree for our first place together. We went Thanksgiving weekend, and were so excited to decorate the tree. Day after day, we'd notice the tree was shedding needles. We finally realized we didn't water it. Like at all. We set it up without water! Duh!

The Relish Dish Revelation:

Year after year for Thanksgiving, I'd ask my mom what to bring. Her consistent answer? Just a relish dish with pickles and olives. It took me a while to realize she didn't want my cooking, a fact she finally admitted when I attempted a vegetable dish without permission. Lesson learned – stick to the olives.

Turkey Mini-Van Lockout:

One year for Thanksgiving, we decided to shop a black Friday sale at K-mart. I'm sure it was for those blank VHS tapes! Turkey was in the oven, and we had an hour to run quick. We all hoped in the mini van, and away we went. After shopping we came out to the van, and realized the keys were locked in the car! We were freezing, and Mom was freaking out about the turkey being burnt! Our grandparents had to drive out with the spare key. No photos of that excursion but the memory is ever lasting.

Thanksgiving falls on my moms birthday, so this blog post is my way of remembering all those celebrations and memories.

With gratitude,


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As I get older (sigh) I realize how fast the holidays go by. Setting up the tree and decorations after Thanksgiving and taking them down New Years Day just feels too short. So this year I set up the week before Thanksgiving.

Replying to

That's great! The lights bring joy which helps is supposed to improve our mental health!

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