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Let's Talk: Party Favors

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

In my opinion, there's no right or wrong way to handle party favors. There's many different views on party favors. I do feel party favors are a way to thank your guests for coming. However, if you choose to do a party favor I do think it should be memorable. Here's a few tips and ideas.

  • Tie it to the theme. Rather than the typical party favors sold at party stores, go for a single item that is tied to the theme.

    1. Flower seeds (spring, flower, fairy, or garden theme)

    2. Mystery Box Toy (Character theme)

    3. Sticker Pack (Character theme)

    4. Craft kit (Variety of themes)

    5. Cookie Cutter (Variety of themes)

    6. Decorated Dough (Variety of themes) - for sale at Let's Celebrate!

  • Treats - Candy or an individually wrapped cookie. Cookies are great because you can also tie to the theme.

  • Make it Memorable - I love sending home a group photo, printed of course. However sending a digital photo is great too!

    1. Sending a photo of the birthday person and each guest individually can also double as a thank you note.

If your party is at a venue that offers entertainment of some sort, you don't need to add on an additional party favor. The ticket of admission (movie, go kart, laser tag, etc.) to the activity is usually expensive enough. A simple thank you can be a photo of the group together participating in the activity.

One thing I do enjoy is seeing the birthday person pass out each party favor bag to their friend and saying thank you for coming. They light up, when they get to pass these out!

At Let's Celebrate our party usually includes a craft which acts as a party favor. However, we can provide additional party favors or a themed item. We also have Decorated Dough for sale and can make custom gifts (masks, pillowcase, signs, etc.). If you choose to host your party elsewhere we can still help with party favors!

What's been a memorable party favor you received or remember? Birthday, wedding or otherwise.

Thank you for following along!

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