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Let's Talk: Sleepovers

I used to have so many sleepovers growing up. My parents didn't mind having all those girls in the house (my brother, however, did mind!) We'd have our sleeping bag and pillow and watched movies all night long. The 80's classics of course like Dirty Dancing!

One time, I remember watching Pump up the Volume, you know Christian Slater!! My mom yelled from the other room, $1.00 for every swear in the movie!

Going further back, sleeping in the living room with just my siblings was an EVENT! We'd even all try and fit in my brother's He-Man tent. Before we got central air, we would just sleep in the living room on a sheet under the ceiling fan!

Fast forward to 2007/2008 when my daughter would have a sleepover with her cousins. We'd blow up an air mattress and they would camp out in the living room or her room. Far improved from our sleeping bags! We'd make a cushion fort for the kids and watch a movie.

Over the past few years, especially during COVID I started hearing about sleepover tent

parties or teepee tents. I saw a lot of amazing women in the UK and Australia start these businesses, and then it started in the United States. The sleepover tent business was creative but I also wanted to pursue my original idea of the studio with decorations and technology. Let's Celebrate, LLC started with 10 tents and designed some fun themes for them.

We can definitely take any of our in-studio parties and make that a sleepover tent theme. So if you don't see a photo on the website, give us a call! Not every home is conducive to sleepovers, we now have Fiddle Francis (our Westie) and he does not like guests in his home! So our studio provides a great place to do a Friday night "sleepunder" party! (Sleepunder - it's like a faux sleepover, but the kids go home!) It would include our tents (up to 10), games, singing and dancing. Pair it with pizza and birthday cake for an epic night!

Let's Celebrate's sleepover tent parties are definitely a level up from our parties in the 80s! My kids now are jealous of the sleepover tent parties we set-up! Even better, we make it easy for the parents to schedule and we do all the clean-up! Visit our Booking Form to schedule today!

Grandparents Holiday Sleepover (Christmas Break).a sleepover tent party. Here are some additional ideas:

  • Grandparents Holiday Sleepover (Christmas Break)

  • Cousins Sleepover (Summer Break)

  • Mother and Daughter Girls Night (with other Moms and Daughters!)

  • Father and Son Indoor Camping Night

Here's my Grandpa trying to embarrass me by crashing my birthday sleepover in 1990!

What were your sleepover memories? Do you allow sleepovers in your house now, why or why not? We'd love to hear feedback on this topic!

Thank you for following!

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